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Small Beginnings

Unreal Aussies was founded in 2004 by Josh “Nakid” Endres and has never been bigger. At its core, Unreal Aussies is a gaming community based mostly in Australia for the express purpose of making sure that gaming is more fun in a group than it can ever be alone.

A Variety of Games and Events

There’s a constant player-base in a variety of games that changes with the times. We get together and meet up in person for anything from small dinners and BBQs, to Twitch meetups in Brisbane and Melbourne, to the main event each year at Pax where you can often see dozens of us walking around in the same shirts.

Depending on the popularity of a given game at a given time, there could be weekly events to get together people of all skill levels and see what happens. You might be able to join a structured team, play on a regular basis and shoot for the big leagues. On special occasions, we organize larger tournaments and invite some other teams around to country to fight it out in a fully-produced and casted tournament.

Check out our awesome events

You can find our highlight reels on YouTube, updates on Discord and Twitter, and our weekly broadcast schedule on Twitch. Our shows include several weekly events, team training, group raids, casual solo streams, the high production value tournaments, and the granddaddy stream effort of the charity event, where we invite guests from our travels to come join us for a day and showcase grassroots Australian talent all in the name of a good cause!

Latest news and announcements

NVENC vs x264 on OBS

See how the new Turing RTX NVENC compares to x264 in 1080p 60fps! OBS now adds lookahead as well! QuickSync is thrown in for good measure with a surprise…

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Unreal Aussies Overwatch Summer Invitational 2018

We're proud to announce Unreal Aussies' first Overwatch Invitational Tournament! 8 teams will go head to head in a Swiss style bracket including our very own uA Fusion and uA SkunkWorks. The matches will be streamed to our channel on Sunday, December 2nd at 5PM AEST /...

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Unreal Aussies run many events over the year to help connect and build the Australian gaming community. If you are interested in helping out in any current or future planned events or wishing to offer some more ideas for us to explore - let us know!

About Us

Unreal Aussies is for passionate gamers from all walks of life. Games come and go, but the people still remain. From meetups to tournaments, hardcore teams to charity streams, Unreal Aussies core mission is to make gaming more fun as part of a community than it can ever be alone.



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