Space Engineers Dedicated Server: Mods and tips for beginners

So you’re joining the Unreal Aussies dedicated server for Space Engineers? Here’s some stuff you should know! There’s some differences on this server from vanilla gameplay. This page will attempt to take you through the main ones, with a mind for both beginners who haven’t seen it before, and experienced players who have played, but may not have seen all these mods.

Requested features

  1. Survival – Yes, you will have survival issues throughout the game. In the beginning it will be all about just feeding yourself to stay alive, and once you get the hang of that, you’ll have to carry food everywhere you go, so the more you explore the better you’ll need to manage this. No meteorites though, since that would make it just a little too hard for beginners and people with limited time to play. There are hostiles…. See the combat section below.
  2. Building – Vanilla blocks are kinda like “you need this block to do that thing” and that’s it. On the uA server, there’s variations, decisions, upgrades, efficiency…. The bases that can be build on the uA server can do more than anything in Vanilla, and in a smaller volume of space. That is of course if you can build the elite pieces to make it. Along the way you’re always going to need to think about speed, efficient use of materials, power sources and storage, and there’s A LOT OF OPTIONS. For example, you can use hydrogen gas to fuel an engine for electricity, or, you can hold onto liquid hydrogen until you find some phosphorus and sulfur then mix them into jet fuel for an engine that produces way more electricity, but ultimately burns more hydrogen per MWh. It’s going to get crazy, and a production line manager has never been more necessary!!!
  3. Enemies – There’s plenty of enemies out there, bases on the ground, ships in the sky, and this will always be something to keep in mind. You can often avoid them on planets if you want to, but to really get into the game, find the good stuff, build epic bases and explore, you’re going to have to find a way to deal with them. If you’re super keen on combat, you can plunder the ships you take out, cutting off the parts you really want to keep and recycling the rest. A good pirate can produce resources on par with a good miner, however it is more risky…
  4. Economy – The recent economy update allows players and factions to build shops and offer contracts. PvP base destruction is not permitted on the server, but NPCs are able to attack an undefended base. The server has a faction called Dash Help which has a base with supplies you can buy with your starting $ if you need them. Eventually, you can build a shop inside the Dash Help Safe Zone, or even make your own elsewhere. If you build a shop inside the Dash Help Safe Zone it does not count as your reserved land for your bases. While some materials are not found on some planets for mining, you can usually find them for sale in Dash Help if you can muster the $ for them! This allows economics to circumvent the need to explore asteroids and other planets.
  5. Mining – There were options to make mining more important without changing building, but since building was highly requested, mining has been made considerably more challenging for 3 reasons. First is to make it more interesting for dedicated miners, second is to allow for more advanced base/vehicle building options, and third is to encourage the trading economy. For miners to be most effective, they will need good directions from their builders regarding what to gather, and the hardest workers can potentially become filthy rich on the market!
  6. End-game – Nobody wanted the world to have a final goal. So there isn’t one. There is some progression to be made but ultimately it can run until the server runs out of memory. Planets and moons have a finite amount of resources (although it would be quite the accomplishment to empty one). On the other hand, asteroids can spawn forever, and so can enemy ships which can be “salvaged” or “recycled”. There is an unlimited supply of material if you are willing to put in the time and effort to get that far.
That's a big ship
That’s a big ship

Getting Started

You don’t need to install any mods. The server will manage your mods for you. However, you can slightly decrease your connection time by installing them anyway. You can install the uA Mod here and take note of the of “required items”. If you subscribe to all these mods it can decrease the time it takes to connect.

You can find the server in the in-game server browser. If you can’t find it, the server address is and it does not require a port number.

The password is “pupper”

At the respawn menu you will have several options. I highly recommend anybody who doesn’t have experience with the game choose “uA Drop Pod Earth”. The early game will be considerably more difficult if you choose any other option. Although it is certainly possible to prosper with other choices if you know what you are doing.

It is possible to spawn at the medical bay inside the Dash Help Trade Centre. This might serve you later on as a way to use clones to teleport between your real base and your shop. If you do this on your first life though, you will have nothing and will ultimately starve. Just hit backspace to kill yourself, wait for the timer to run down, and spawn a good old faithful uA Drop Pod.

GPS:Dash Help Safe Zone:24677.32:22830.07:-52679.1:
Copy the above line of text. Open up your inventory by pressing the letter ‘i’ and select the GPS tab. Then down the bottom-left choose “New from clipboard”. This will give you a GPS marker for the Dash Help Safe Zone. If you spawned on Earth you will be approximately 3-5 kilometres from the safe zone.

The first thing you’ll need to do is get some food. Read below about the uA Drop Pod for more information about what you get with your spawn ship.

If you are joining up with friends to form a faction, you should decide who’s uA Drop Pod you want to meet at and combine forces ASAP. Either share your GPS markers to find each other, or one of you can turn on your uA Drop Pod’s beacon so that your friends can get a lock on your position. Beware, the beacon uses your battery so remember to turn it off!

Your uA Drop Pod is designed just to get you started. Eventually you will need to start building a base. Generally speaking, you should aim to build more than 4km from other players’ bases, but not more than 6km from the Dash Help Safe Zone if you want to use it as a trading hub. You don’t have to be 4km away from other players bases, but it gives you space that you might want later and will help you stick to the rules section, which you should read below or on Discord.

Once you’ve started your base building, take a GPS marker and put it in Discord with a @server manager tag. The Server Managers will keep track of your bases and use them to enforce the rules. If you fail to do this, and there’s a dispute later over who built first, then the Server Managers will have to make a judgement call and you may regret not reserving your spot sooner. Bear in mind that you cannot claim ice fields as your base area since they are an essential resource for all players.

You can build your own shop in the Dash Help Safe Zone and undercut the Dash Help conglomerate, provided you leave some space between any other buildings in the bubble. You may not have a main base nor perform regular mining/building operations inside the bubble, nor even 1km from the GPS marker. Check the rules below and on Discord.

When you logout, your player remains in the world. You will continue to eat and drink as required to survive, until you starve, then you’ll come back to a respawn screen the next time you log on. So if you’re going to log off, and don’t want to lose what’s in your inventory (or eat all your food while AFK) then empty your pockets and have a medical bay / survival kit where you want to respawn. You can however “freeze” your character once you build a cryochamber, which will literally freeze your character and stats while you’re inside it. If you see another player in a cryochamber, don’t open it!!!

For more n00b friendly tips and tricks, see the sections below! Otherwise good luck!!!

Look after number 1 first!

The most requested feature for the server was survival aspects. While this ties into PvE combat somewhat, effectively the vanilla version of the game just lets you run around forever. If you have the patience for it, you can technically just fire up your jetpack, launch yourself to another planet, and wait long enough for your character to get there and just land quite safely.

NO MORE! Now you need food and water constantly. These require resources. While they are definitely going to be a concern on your first day, after you get your head around it and have some facilities setup, you’ll just need to keep food in mind and make sure you’re not forgetting about it.

Introducing the Daily Needs Survival Kit mod. Up the top left you of your screen you can see your food, hydration and stamina. If any of these bars get to 0 you will start to take damage.

Hunger, thirst and stamina in the Daily Needs mod
Daily Needs Indicators

Food – You slowly drain this bar over time. As long as you have food in your personal inventory, you will automatically eat it and regain some of this bar depending on what food you have and how much of it. Whenever your character eats, they will also leave some “mulch” in their suit, which can be recycled into new food. This recycling is not perfect, you will ultimately need to get more food products from elsewhere.
Hydration – This bar also drains over time, but much faster than the food bar. The most straightforward way to keep this topped up is to get drinking water packets from the water recycler. All you need is ice. If you have drinking water packets in your inventory, your character will automatically use them when needed, and will simultaneously pee out “waste” water. You can put the waste water back into the recycler to make it last longer, but it’s not perfectly efficient so you will eventually need more ice anyway.
Stamina – You lose stamina by running around or using your jetpack. You can get your stamina back just by standing still. You get it back faster if you crouch or sit down. Better still, if you lie in a bed, your stamina can recharge to over 100.

Daily Needs Blocks
Daily Needs Blocks
[taken from the official Daily Needs Survival Kit Steam Workshop page]
  • An Emergency Rations Dispenser is available for very little resources and can use gravel and ice to prevent you from starving or thirsting to death.
  • The water recycler is absolutely essential to move on from the rations dispenser. It takes ice and gives you drinkable water packets, plus some gravel and organic mulch to use in other recipes.
  • The Food Protein Re-sequencer makes most food from basic ingredients. This and the water recycler can technically feed you forever, and reasonably efficiently so, as long as you supply them with ingredients that are plentiful around the planets and even in asteroids.
  • Hydroponics units can grow basic vege packets (but requires nutrient solution from the protein re-sequencer). There are two hydroponics blocks, one is open, larger and cheaper to make, the other is closed, smaller and more expensive to make. The closed one is more productive than the open one. Once you get some vege packs, you can make better food at the protein re-sequencer which lasts longer than the basic synth food and emergency rations.
  • A Soil Based Food Growing Tray can produce fertiliser and then mix that with seeds to grow real vegetables instead of the pathetic stuff you get from the hydroponics units. You will need to hunt for the seeds. Once you have some, you can grow the veges and then use them to make more seeds for an infinitely growing garden. The veges can be used in the protein re-sequencer to make some top-tier recipes.
  • Build a chair and put “NOMS” in it’s name. When you sit on it, you can eat and drink to make your bars larger than normal.

On the uA server, we use mods that interfere with the vanilla production of gravel, making it less common. Gravel is an important ingredient in the rations dispenser. As a result, your uA drop pod will spawn with both a water recycler and food protein re-sequencer. You wont ever need an emergency rations dispenser, but it is still build-able in case you find a special case use for it like on a tiny ship or long range scout.

Meteorites are off, so you don’t need to worry about those landing on your base while you’re offline. It just would have been too hard for new or casual players to deal with them. However wolves are on EarthLike planets and spiders are on Alien planets. These are supposed to spawn as you explore, so their level of annoyance will scale with how active the player is.

Advanced Mining

EWE Ores – And this isn’t even half of them!

In vanilla, the mining of ores and refining them into usable material is quite straightforward. Iron ore gives you Iron ingots, Silicon ore gives you Silicon wafers, Magnesium ore gives you Magnesium powder. There’s only two exceptions to this: ice in an O2/H2 generator, which gives you hydrogen and oxygen gas, and Stone, which gives you tiny amounts of Iron, Nickel and Silicon, plus huge amounts of gravel, which is useless in vanilla.

In the uA server we will be using the Eden’s Wrath Engineering mod. This changes gameplay for miners in a few ways. For starters, there’s tonnes more composite ores. One example is Boracite which refines into liquid Oxygen, Boron ingots, Magnesium powder, liquid Chlorine and Iron ingots. Not only this, but not all ice is identical. For example regular ice on Earth gives you Hydrogen and Oxygen gas in the O2/H2 generator like normal, but you can also refine it into liquid Oxygen and Hydrogen for building other new components and fuels. EVEN BETTER is that not all ice is equal. Amber Ice will also give you some chlorine, blue ice will also give you Fluorine, ice from Europa will also give Xenon, and ice on the alien planet will also give Neon.

This essentially means that if you need a particular ingredient for some manufacturing, you can find it in a variety of ways. You don’t just need Nickel and go searching for a Nickel deposit, there’s tonnes of different ores that might give you what you need, and they appear in different areas, on different planets. You might find some whitestone, yellowstone or Cobalite, all of which will give some Nickel as well as other elements. You can of course still find Nickel deposits which will just give you the one refined element, but these are less common now.

Ultimately this makes mining much more interesting. There’s a bunch of options available to get the things you need, depending on where you are and what tools you have available to you. Also, the best ores which give you heaps of the good stuff, are found deeper and deeper underground, so some people (*cough* *cough* Staf *cough*) can happily and productively dig some sweet underground labyrinths.

If you want to lookup what composite ores give what elements you can check out Mystic_Lynx’s guide here.

Advanced Building

EWE Elements – Also not even half of them!

The building from the Eden’s Wrath Engineering mod is also much more complex than vanilla. While you’ll find many of the basic regular blocks can be built quite easily, there is much more room for intelligent creativity with this mod. Bear in mind if you want to build something basic like a simple armour block, it’s still really easy to get the resources, you’ll just need to learn new recipes for the components. The basic stuff is still pretty basic, even if it does look very different to vanilla.

The complicated stuff is where it becomes much more interesting. Say you want to build an armour block, you can build it using light aluminium, or you can build it out of steel for 2x the HP, but 5x the weight. Nitinol armour has even more HP than steel, but is slightly lighter, while graphene has HP between that of steel and Nitinol, but is only 1/3rd the weight of aluminium!!!

Another example is fuel. If Hydrogen engines aren’t producing enough power for you, you can try upgrading to gasoline or jet fuel. Batteries can be made to hold more charge and last longer, or made to recharge/discharge faster for short bursts. Uranium not producing enough nuclear power for you? How does plutonium sound? How about FUSION POWER???

The end result is that your constructions have much more potential than they could in vanilla. You can customise the blocks in a way to strengthen one aspect that you want, while ignoring other aspects you aren’t worried about. There are A LOT more construction components as a result, and managing your assemblers is going to become a key part of how to optimise your construction.

It will benefit any faction/team to have somebody who is dedicated to managing assemblers. A person who has the assemblers under control will know how to satisfy build requirements, and what elements to request from the miners. Teams that share this task will have a massive increase in the amount of overall learning that all the players will need to be successful.

You can find all the elements, what ores they come from and what components they build in this guide from Mystic Lynx.

The uA Drop Pod

uA Drop Pod
uA Drop Pod

The uA Drop Pod is one of your spawn choices. This pod will be your friend for a while, until you can build a better base. Remember to observe the base building rules (see below) when you do eventually build a main base.

Here’s the differences from the vanilla pod, as well as things that you’ll find important on the drop pod:

  • There are no thrusters on the uA Drop Pod.
  • There is no antenna on the uA Drop Pod, only a beacon. To use the ore detector you will need to sit in the seat and look, you cannot link with it until you build a fresh antenna.
  • A water recycler and protein re-sequencer come on the sides near the window. This will help you get started with food. It will be of vital importance that you use these early on. And before you say it’s too hard, remember that you guys voted overwhelmingly for a survival focus, and trust me, it could have been harder with just an emergency rations dispenser or nothing at all.
  • The food units are not connected to the others by conveyor. This is to prevent beginners from accidentally processing ice they don’t need in the wrong unit.
  • The battery only comes with around 50% charge. It will eventually run out. If you run out before you have a new power source set up, you can readjust your priorities (after learning your hard lesson) and use the solar panels to build at a very slow rate. If you get to the stage where you’re using the solar panels as your only power source, you will learn to prioritise better.
  • The survival kit is your respawn point. Be careful not to let it get disabled before you have an alternative option.
  • All your basic, simple refining and assembling can be done in the survival kit. It will be your friend for the first day or two if you are a beginner.
  • The beacon uses quite a bit of power and all it does is show you (and others) where the pod is if you get lost. If you are going to take things slow, turn it off or reduce it’s range greatly. You can do this from any control terminal or by sitting in the seat and pressing “K” and then finding it’s settings in the control screen. Use GPS markers instead to keep track of your location.
  • The O2/H2 generator has some refill bottles in it that you can carry around to automatically refill your suit. To refill the bottles themselves, put them into the generator with some ice.

Recycling (pirating and plundering)


You can use a grinder, either handheld or attached to a ship/rover/base, to grind down any constructed block that touches it. In vanilla, this would actually return ALL the components you (or somebody else) used to build the block. You could effectively build an entire base, grind it all down and move to another planet and just put it together again.

On the uA server we will be using the Aww Scrap mod. This prevents you from having perfect recycling when destroying blocks. Instead of getting the original components back, you will get a variety of scrap. This scrap can then be refined into some of the elements that would have been used to make the components in the first place. You do not get perfect efficiency. In fact, it’s less than 50% in a basic refinery. However it can be improved by building better refineries and using yield modules to enhance it’s material efficiency.

Because of the EWE mod, the Aww Scrap mod will not know all the components used, since we’re using building material that doesn’t exist in vanilla. As a result, the scrap metal you get back from “recycling” blocks that you “found like that” will tend to give you more iron than it should. The combination of the inefficiency of scrapping items, along with the material difference, means that ultimately, it strikes an interesting balance…

Refining basic aluminium items will tend to give you better materials back, although not many, so the sacrifice isn’t too large. However scrapping higher quality blocks made out of rare materials will still give you the same kind of thing, so your losses will be greater. This means that scrapping is less punishing early game when things are tight, but more punishing late game when materials are plentiful.

There is another mod called Advanced Welding which allows you to detach blocks by weakening them first, then holding CTRL when grinding to remove them from whatever they’re stuck to. You can then build “welding pads” to stick them to another structure/grid. This means that if you find a big beautiful ion thruster on a ship that “was just lying in a field and I dunno how it got there” you don’t have to scrap it. You can detach the part you want to keep, and store it in a junkyard for a while, until you want to weld it onto your own ship. Put a welding pad on the thruster, put another welding pad on the ship, move them close together and BOOM, it can attach as good as if you built it there in the first place!


Modular Encounters Spawner
Modular Encounters Spawner

The uA server uses the Modular Encounters Spawner (MES) to control most NPC spawns. There are several types of NPCs:

  • Basic critters – Wolves spawn on EarthLike planets and spiders spawn on Alien planets. I’ve run around on the server for an hour and not seen them, so they’re either not working or they’re a little rare. You will need a trusty M4A1 to blow them away so build one when you can.
  • Trader outposts – There are many factions in the game and they have trading outposts scattered throughout the solar system. They sometimes trade resources, sometimes they trade ships. They often have a lot of contracts you can take on, such as delivering some products, finding a missing cargo container, or protecting a ship for a leg of their journey. Each time you make a faction happy, your reputation with them goes up, and your prices to buy from them go down 🙂
  • Cargo ships – These dudes are just flying around seemingly randomly. While it makes sense that they’re coming out of warp for a minute to recharge their batteries before warping away again, as far as we can tell, they just seem to appear, fly around for a bit, then vanish. While they’re here, you can of course blow them up. Doing so will harm your reputation with the faction they belong to, and could mean you become excluded from their safe zones, unable to trade, and ultimately hostile-on-sight. The factions have their own fights though, and sometimes hurting one can improve your reputation with another.
  • Land installations – Occasionally you’ll find an outpost or a mining facility just sitting around. As far as I’ve seen so far, these usually belong to the pirate faction and will shoot you on sight. Unless you’re pirate friendly of course, which I have tried to disable on the uA server, however there are ways around it.
  • CORRUPT – This faction is utterly hostile and might taunt you before they kill you just so that your clone respawns traumatised. You don’t actually have mental health issues in-game, but they try nonetheless. They can mostly be found patrolling asteroid fields.
  • REAVERS – These guys also live in zero-grav and are utterly hostile, but behave much differently. They will scan areas from a long range for any beacon and antenna signals, then they will hunt down the source and anything with it. They can find you from much further away, and may even fly into an atmosphere to hunt you down, but you can outplay them if you’re aware of their presence. Although they can detect you from long distances, typically, they have a camera on their ship that needs to visually confirm your existence before they open fire. As of server launch day, I have not seen these guys personally, but the mod says it’s working, so they could be out there somewhere.

Note, the wolves are the only danger on the EarthLike planet that you cannot intentionally avoid all the time. Most of the other NPCs can be detected from a long distance away and you can easily avoid them if you want to. However, doing so indefinitely will eventually limit your ability to mine and expand. Outside Earth’s gravity you’ll be exposed to the more sinister enemies.



The Dash Help Safe Zone is provided as a way to help you kick-start your economic ambitions. You may build a shop inside the bubble, but you must respect the space of other players and factions. Everybody may build a shop in the bubble as long as they don’t touch or block each other off. You wont be able to drill or scrap anything within the bubble so make sure you build correctly the first time, or the regulatory inspectors will angrily wag their finger at you before calling in the master builders to fix your mistake. If the bubble gets full of shops, the corporate fat cats at Dash Help HQ will reconsider the value of the area’s real estate, and might increase the size of the bubble.

Dash Help is a galactic conglomerate that has access to infinite resources via a top-tier proprietary technology code-named “admin privileges”. They will let you use their ATM and Medical Bay for free, they will even let you spawn clones inside their shop. If they run out of material to trade with, you can order in more by tagging a @server manager in Discord who will activate the proprietary transport technology to replenish their stocks. Dash Help sells almost every element on the periodic table, arranged in store blocks by atomic number. The only exceptions being ones Dash Help deems “bogan junk”. Their prices are not particularly reasonable, and they will buy from you for much less than they will sell to you. That’s how they got so rich. Haters gonna hate.

The NPC factions in the game have trade stations dotted around the solar system and may offer better deals on some items. They also offer some more complicated options, such as mining vessels, whereas Dash Help only deals in refined and non-renewable raw materials.

Elements that Dash Help does not trade in your system include:

Tips for beginners


Spawn on EarthLike planet, so that you don’t even have to worry about oxygen and can leave your space helmet open. You will have enough to worry about. If you want a challenge, feel free to spawn on another planet or in the middle of space and be prepared to start hunting asteroids immediately.

On earth, one of the first things you will need to worry about is food and water. Your drop pod has a water recycler and a protein sequencer to make food and drinkable water. There is some ice in your drop pod’s oxygen generator. If you are desperate for water, take some out and pop it in the water recycler. You will accumulate waste in your suit slowly over time, and you can use it to make some basic food, but it wont be enough on it’s own.

If you get desperate for food, hydrogen for your jetpack, or resources… You can try spend some of your starting money at the Dash Help safe zone to get it. If you still have problems, talk to people in Discord and ask for help.

Don’t build your base near the Dash Help safe zone. Build your base at least 4km away from the nearest base, put your GPS coordinates in Discord and tag “@server manager”. This is your way of reserving your land, and will put the managers on your side should another player get too close for comfort. You can use your drop pod until then, but once your base is up and running, you should scrap your pod with a grinder and take the resources to your base.

Hold F while using your player drill. It will pickup most of the ore that you dig up. When your inventory fills up, or if you don’t hold F while drilling, the ore falls to the ground in clumps. If you’re mining something you care about, don’t leave it there for long, since the server lags with more bits and pieces floating around. The server managers will be performing regular cleanups and ore that you left lying around will either get automatically deleted, or just cause lag for yourself and everybody else.

Your jetpack is your friend, it can help you move so much faster and get you out of a hole you can’t jump out of. Bear in mind it can move FAST, you MUST slow down before you touch anything travelling at 400km/h or you will go splat.

Your drop pod’s O2/H2 generator has a spare Hydrogen tank in it which you can carry to keep your jetpack topped up. You can refill the tank by putting it back into the generator with some ice. Try not to get caught empty on Hydrogen too far from your base, walking is boring.

If it’s cold where you are, or at night, your suit will use power to keep you warm and healthy. This power can be refilled at the survival kit’s computer terminal at the back of your drop pod. This is also your respawn point, don’t lose it until you build another one.

The survival kit in your drop pod can be manually told to refine some ores into ingots, and then use those ingots to make components. The components are what you’ll use to build structures and vehicles.

Press G to bring up your build menu. Don’t use the progression tab it doesn’t work with the server’s mods. Find stuff you want to build and look at what it needs.

You can access the control panel of every component of your drop pod by sitting in the chair and pressing K.

Your drop pod can detect ores from 100m away from the start, but this can be increased to 150m in it’s control panel. If you whip out your drill and walk around, it will detect ore up to 50m away from you. Use your GPS markers to remember where they are.

Your drop pod has a battery and some solar panels that will last a few hours. If you run out of power, you’ll need to wait for the sun to come up.

Your drop pod has a beacon so that it can be found by yourself AND others. It’s starting broadcast range is 5km but it can go up to 50km. It uses a fair bit of power, so turn it off if you want to conserve energy. If you turn it off, make sure you have a GPS marker to find it again, because neither you nor your friends will be able to detect it, although your survival kit might have it’s own marker for as long as it’s your spawn point.

Food is only particularly worrysome in the beginning. Once you get it under control, you’ll be fine. It never goes away and you always need to be mindful of it, but it’s only difficult at the start. Trust me it does get easier, and TRUST ME it could have been a harder start. If the start had been harder, then experienced players would be able to overcome this difficulty far quicker than any beginners and it would be unfair. As it is, I believe that it has a reasonable impact on all players without becoming impossible for beginners to overcome.


These rules can be found in Discord where they will be updated more promptly and regularly than this website. Be sure to check the Discord version. For reference anyway, here they are current at the time of editing this page:

  • PvP is strictly forbidden. No killing other players or destroying their stuff.
  • Griefing is also prohibited. Don’t steal from people or grind/recycle their stuff without permission. No digging out a person’s structures, in fact, don’t dig within 1km of what is obviously another faction’s/player’s base. Don’t build to block another base, and don’t block a player inside a tunnel. The exception to this is ice, it is a necessary thing to harvest, don’t expect to be able to claim it by building your base on the only ice-lake nearby.
  • Griefing counts in-faction too. When you join a faction, you accept the rules of the faction leader. If the faction’s rules are that the builder says what gets built, then you take some resources that others mined to build different stuff, you’ve broken them. Don’t do it, it’s officially against the rules to agree to faction conditions then break them. Talk to your faction leader about what they expect before you join, and choose to agree to that or not. Agreement then breaching means you lied, don’t lie to other players in order to take their shit. If you think a faction should be run another way, then feel free to create your own and make it happen.
  • Programmable Blocks are forbidden. They are required for some of the mods to work, but the server will not be able to handle player controlled programmable blocks. You cannot build them accidentally, however, there are ways to get them. Don’t do it, if the server managers find you have sneaked one into the world, we will delete it and ban you.
  • Ore vein ownership can be resolved on a first-to-tap basis. Ice lakes on planets are free-for-all so long as you don’t touch other players equipment.
  • Mine/tunnel/labyrinth ownership can be considered legal if a faction/player begins to construct a base within a mine, to a degree at the server managers’ discretion. Essentially, if it’s obvious to a manager that a faction/player has invested heavily in a mine or underground base, don’t go in there and don’t break it by destroying terrain.
  • If you don’t build structures or destroy terrain within 1km from another player, you’ll be fine with all the things above. If you want to avoid trouble with the server managers, do this.
  • You may walk up to other bases to GPS mark them, in fact, it’s a great way to assist with managing your distance. Don’t disturb their operations or block their vehicles, and don’t sneak around or linger without permission. If you’re creeping around a base, and the server managers are later notified that some stuff mysteriously vanished, the server managers will investigate and this can take hours. Don’t do it, don’t be the guy that wastes hours of our time, we will react poorly.



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