Welcome to Unreal Aussies!

We are a community of like minded gamers in the Oceanic region.

We play a wide variety of games and provide a fun, social atmosphere for all our members!


This month the Unreal Aussies Community is in the wake of our hyped weekend in Melbourne for PAX Australia 2018. There were a good 50+ of our community who attended PAX this past October and it was a great weekend of fun meetups, dinners and convention roaming where lots of online friendships turned into solid real friendships.
uA Official Call for Staff
We're looking for more staff to help grow uA. If you're interested, read on.....

Nobody actually has to do anything to be in uA. There are people who we haven't seen in years, but if they want to pop in tomorrow and say "Hey fellow uA people!" then they can. Some people however, want to do more than nothing, in fact, they want to do more than just play games. They want to encourage MORE people to play, they want to create interesting and exciting events that draw attention, that make it special and better to play in uA than what a player would get if they just played on their own. These people are officer material. Officers have jobs, they make a plan, they make promises, and they try to keep them. If you don't want to make any promises, you don't have to, we'll see you online. But if you do, then now is the time we want you.

If you want to be an officer for HotS, there is a specific discussion on that over here: https://unrealaussies.com/threads/new-officer-positions-open.1273/ for all other games, read on.....

Which positions are we actively looking for?

Overwatch (Division Lead: @FusSionzZ97 )
  • Recruitment Officer - Your role will be bringing people into the uA Overwatch division. This can either be internal (from other games using the @Overwatch tag) or externally recruiting people from in-game, forums, Facebook, etc. Success is judged by how often we see new faces appearing in Discord, and through the log.
  • Friendship Officer - Your role is to retain people in the division. Hang out in the Overwatch channels, invite people to games and be friendly to newcomers. Success is judged by how regularly and consistently people hang out in the game channels.

Playerunknown's Battlegrounds
  • Division Leader - As the div lead of PUBG, you will be pushing both yourself and your team to expand the division in the Oceanic region. This role is only for the seriously committed,...
Hi guys,

Last year the uA awards were very well received so we're going to continue the tradition this year! The awards night will run during the Saturday night festivities of PAX. Here are the categories:
  • Most Controversial Member (1 UC)
  • Best Karaoke Singer (Friday @ PAX) (10 UC) - I will collect these votes after this coming Friday!
  • Puts up with the most shit (50 UC)
  • Most Helpful Heroes of the Storm Player (50 UC)
  • Most Helpful Overwatch Player (50 UC)
  • Most Helpful PUBG Player (50 UC)
  • Unreal Aussie of the Year (100 UC)
  • Most Helpful Admin (50 UC)
  • Most Helpful Officer (50 UC) - includes officers and division leaders!
We also have 2 new categories, voted as the top 2 most wanted awards in the PAX ticket competition:
  • Best Quote (50 UC) - List the name of the person AND their quote of the year
  • Throws the Most (10 UC)

So how do you vote? Please click here to message me as the results need to remain a secret. Voting closes 5pm Sunday 22nd October and winners will be announced on the Saturday night dinner of PAX.

Copy the below template into the message body. Type a person's username preceded by an @ symbol. eg. @Jetleet. Leave a category blank if you have no one in mind.

Most Controversial Member:
Puts up with the most shit:
Most Helpful Heroes of the Storm Player:
Most Helpful Overwatch Player:
Most Helpful PUBG Player:
Unreal Aussie of the Year:
Most Helpful Admin:
Most Helpful Officer:
Best Quote:
Throws the Most:
Please do not put your votes in the thread as it will be removed! Thanks :emoji_slight_smile:
uA Official Unreal Aussies Shop
Hi everyone,

Last week we released a way of earning Unreal Credits here on the website. We wanted to reward you guys and this is the first phase of quantifying your involvement! Learn how to earn Unreal Credits here.

We've been working hard to implement the next 2 stages of this system and we are proud to announce them today.

Unreal Shop
The shop is where you can spend your hard earned Unreal Credits and get some rewards. We have a few different categories of items at the moment and we plan on adding more items to each of them over time. The categories are:
  • Website - Functional and aesthetic items which affect your forum experience
  • Teamspeak - Get more permissions and icons on the uA Teamseak server
  • Steam Keys - Check out our list of Steam keys which are available. Save up for the ones you want!
  • Origin Keys - Same as above.
  • Other Keys - Same as above.
  • WoW - In-game pets and other items are available here
You can access the shop by clicking the "SHOP" link at the top of every page. Alternatively, click here. You can check your transaction list, your inventory and also trade some items with other users.

Each month we will be hosting a community wide raffle. Details may change each month but check the Raffle Announcements forum for more details each month. For September's Raffle you can enter up to 10 times at 25UC a pop for the chance to win 1000 Unreal Credits! We will be gauging interest in this month by month.

I hope you enjoy the changes we've made to the site! Get posting and earn those rewards.

Hi guys,

We've implemented a way for you guys to be rewarded for being active on the forums. Introducing Unreal Credits, the official currency of Unreal Aussies. This thread will cover how you can earn these credits as you can see what you can buy in the shop (coming soon!).

Credits and items can be traded/donated to other forum users.

This thread will be updated as more ways of earning points are added or values are changed.

Event Description Amount (UC) Limit Bonus (UC) Bonus Cap
Daily Activity First login each day 1 Daily 0 0
Post Thread Minimum 200 characters 2 0.0015 x Char 3
Reply Minimum 50 characters 1 0.002 x Char 2
Create Poll - 2 0 0
Vote on Poll - 0.5 0 0
Post Rated Someone rates you 0.5 0 0
Admin Like Admin likes your post! 1 0 0
Post Rate You rate a post 0.1 3/hour 0 0
Your Birthday Comes every year! 25 Yearly 0 0
Upload Avatar - 10 Once 0 0
Followed Someone follows you 1 0 0
Thread Tags Tag a thread 0.2 5/thread 0 0
Trophy Get a trophy 5 0 0

If you have any suggestions, we can look into integrating them!


Coming into Legion the uA Officers and GMs have put our heads together and have restructured the Unreal Aussies WoW guild.
This post will be updated as plans and ideas change but the main point is to provide the main changes/info moving forward.

Starting on August 9, the Burning Legion’s incursion on Azeroth will get underway, and players who have pre-purchased the expansion will begin creating their first Demon Hunters.
Hi guys,

If you haven't already seen Ag's post on encouraging uA members to donate blood to help save lives, please click here.

If you have or want to donate blood, as well as automatically adding to your state's stats within the Unreal Aussies Red25 group, we would like to give you a medal on the forum.

All you need to do is post a selfie of yourself at the blood donation centre/van to this thread, I'll check that the stats have increased and then I will award you the medal for this particular year.

It is all for a great cause so I hope you all get on board!

With the many upgrades to the uA Gaming server of late, there has been ample space to provide additional game servers to the community.

Starbound is going to be officially releasing over the next month or two so I thought it would be the perfect time to add it to our collection of games.

You will need to download the latest Frackin' Universe mod and put it in your Starbound/mods/ folder

Alternatively, you can subscribe to the mod here:

If you have a vanilla character, you will want to start a new character, or it may bug out.

You can access the server by using the following:
IP/Host: gaming.unrealaussies.com
Port: 21025

There is also a Starbound channel in the Teamspeak which you can connect to using:

If you have any questions or suggestions, please post them!

While all of the members in Unreal Aussies are family, sometimes (ie. always) rivalries will appear. It has been suggested that these rivalries deserve a place within the community and this is the place to do so.

So how can you issue a challenge? We need a few details first.

Thread Title: Put who you are challenging (person/team), the nature of the challenge and the game/event

Here is an example:
Thread Title: I challenge Agamemnus to a MMR race in HotS

Challenger/s: @Nakid
Opponent/s: @Agamemnus
Game/Event: Heroes of the Storm
Date: Ends midnight 31/3/16
Winning Condition: Have the highest Quick Match MMR based on HotSLogs figures
Taunt: Maybe you should try someone other than Valla?

Once posted, your opponent will then accept the challenge by replying to your thread. Feel free to add your 2c to someone else's challenge!

An officer will then approve the challenge so that it counts (no padding those challenge wins!). Your thread will now say "Under Way".

Once the challenge is complete, post the results in the thread (preferably with screenshots) and an officer will update the thread to Complete and give wins to the winners.

Don't forget every time you win a challenge, you get a Challenge Win on your profile. Collect enough and you will earn yourself some medals!

If you have any questions, please ask here.