Community Rules

When engaging with our community…

Unreal Aussies is a gaming community where everyone should feel welcome. We pride ourselves with having fun in a variety of games. We want to help everyone have a good time and fun experiences. We have a set of basic rules that we ask people to abide by, those that break the rules will have words with an Admin. Further issues may result in a ban, we do not want people in our community who community who make life unhappy for others. We aren’t MLG, play nice.

  • Gaming is social experience. Many people like playing games with just some close friends from time to time, please respect people’s boundaries and time.
  • Make an effort to be inclusive to online members if the situation allows. This is a bit different for pre-organised games, events, challenges and competitive team sessions and might not apply. Use a bit of common sense and play nice. Also see rule above.
  • Don’t be a pest to those in games or in channels. Spamming (especially the music bot), drunk yelling, throwing on purpose, insulting, belittling or excluding are behaviours we don’t want in the group.
  • Don’t hit on or creep on other members. Good luck to you if you find love in uA, but this is not a dating site. If you hit on a person and they complain, you are at fault. Consider this your warning, you won’t get another.
  • Keep NSFW content out of uA chats and the discord. If you want to share content with other CONSENTING uA members, there are plenty of other places you can. Just keep it out of the group. Any unwanted advances or harassment, regardless of gender or sexuality, will be dealt with an immedate ban for the member involved.
  • Don’t publicly air grievances in front of other members, talk it out with them privately. If you need any assistance, feel free to contact an Admin and we will help if we can.
  • We understand that being salty is a natural part of gaming, don’t let it go too far. Any rage you feel in-game must end with the game, don’t take it outside of the game for hours. Do not threaten, insult or belittle other members. You can assist or help other members get better, but there is a time and place. That time and place is not when you’re salty.
  • Don’t try to pull members away from the community. There is nothing wrong with playing with your mates somewhere else, but don’t actively pull people from the community to play somewhere else. In games where there is not a uA following, it might be an opportunity to start something in uA. Drop a line to an Admin and there may be an opportunity for server space or Discord channel.
  • Don’t use the forums or Discord to sell or promote yours or another’s business without permission from an Admin. There is nothing wrong with sharing deals with others, but don’t use affiliate links without permission.

Feel free to Contact the Admins if you have any questions or concerns.

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Unreal Aussies supporting Beyond Blue 2019

Unreal Aussies supporting Beyond Blue 2019

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Unreal Aussies supporting Beyond Blue 2019

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Unreal Aussies run many events over the year to help connect and build the Australian gaming community. If you are interested in helping out in any current or future planned events or wishing to offer some more ideas for us to explore - let us know!

About Us

Unreal Aussies is for passionate gamers from all walks of life. Games come and go, but the people still remain. From meetups to tournaments, hardcore teams to charity streams, Unreal Aussies core mission is to make gaming more fun as part of a community than it can ever be alone.