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Hi everyone,

Welcome to another installment of the uA Blog.

Unreal Aussies has been going really strong. Over the past few months we have seen many new faces around!

I would like to welcome the new World of Warcraft division, an already established guild, which decided to join our community. Anyone looking to play WoD, the next expansion of WoW planned for the end of the year, should register their interest by completing a WoW application.

Also last month we saw the release of the much anticipated Elder Scrolls Online. I would like to welcome all new members to the Unreal Aussie community. I will not speak to much about ESO as there is more detailed information below.

Wildstar will be the next division winding up in the next few weeks. We will see many new members join our ranks and enjoy our community! I welcome you all too.

Last month, and the one before, we celebrated our 10 year birthday, WOOT! We saw various events run both in-game and out. Many members met up in the different states for dinner and some drinking shenanigans! It is really great, and brings fuzzy feelings to my heart, to see you all really living the Unreal Aussies vision!

To that, I would actually like to share our vision with all new members. Like any organization it is important to know and live by its most important goals. Our vision:

To create a gaming community of like minded individuals, and a place for people to socialize and exchange experience and knowledge. A place where a common interest brings us together. Whether you are a hardcore or casual player uA has a place for everyone. Most importantly, a place where we can all enjoy something we all have in common, a love of gaming and being in a comfortable environment while doing it.

Without further ado, I will leave you all with the updates from each individual division!


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