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Hi everyone

Website Improvements
As uA continues to expand and grow larger, we need to find more efficient and effective ways to do things. In a bid to advertise our Youtube channel better and to also show appreciation for good plays or a fun time with our members, we have now added a "Featured" video to the home page. If the uA stream isn't currently online, it will now display a youtube video that we will be changing approximately weekly. The first time you see the video on the home page, it will autoplay it, but every time after that it won't autoplay. If you have any suggestions for the website or uA in general, please post a thread here.

Birthday Month
As most of you are probably aware, uA is celebrating its 10th birthday. We kicked off last weekend with the League of Legends drinking night and the Hearthstone Tournament. You can see me smashing Kirilby below! ;)

These are the events for the birthday. Please make sure you reply to the thread if you are attending that event (this is especially the case for the IRL Meetups)! Crossed out events have occurred already.




Read more in the full blog by clicking here.

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