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July Update

Micromoo posted Jul 1, 15  -  ARKHotSjulyLiFnewsupdate



Over the coming weeks we would like to see some more forum and social media activity from you, our lovely minions. To encourage this we will be conducting some giveaways, surveys and hopefully some streaming!

We will also be migrating our TS3 over to a secure private server so that we will have less outages due to DDOS and jelly.




Archeage is still going super strong and the division headed up by Wassabi, hit him or one of the other players up if you’re interested in joining.


ARK: Survival Evolved will be starting up as a proper division with our own private server! There will be some PvP but mainly a PvE focus. If you want to join or find out more, visit the forums or speak to Micromoo.


The FF:XIV division is now gearing up for the game's first expansion - Heavensward. There'll be plenty of new things to see and do, and we're openly always welcoming new players. For the veterans - our raids are recruiting several members for 3.0, contact X'ihsa for details.


Guild Wars 2 group is still going strong and is headed up by the lovely MooRoo who will accept you into the guild if bribed with steak. Medium rare. Creamy mushroom sauce. K thnx.


Heroes of the Storm now has a strong following and, although most play every night, we will be dedicating Monday nights as in-house bragging rights mash-ups. For more info, contact Micromoo or Nakid.


Life is feudal: Your OWN is a Hardcore Sandbox RPG and MMORPG, are both set in a Realistic Medieval fictional world. uA has its own Alpha server setup check the LiF Forum or contact Aggrowtank for more details.


LoL has been around forever, we know, but starting July 7th we will be running regular ARAM nights on a Tuesday. All are welcome to join for a bit of fun and tears. Contact Micromoo or Ashen V for more info.

WoW is back bitches! Starting Wednesday July 15th (Wed and Fri night raiding), the Alliance guild on Frostmourne will be doing the raiding scene meaner and, slightly, greener. Old raids will be first for gear before hitting the new content hard and fast. Officer applications are being taken also. See Dante for more details.





None this month but we have a Facebook event up for Paintball in August and will be planning a uA meet up in August when Micromoo invades the north.

Sunday Funday Schedule

July 5th: Age of Empires 2

July 12th: TBA

July 19th: Warcraft iii

July 26th: Smite Night!



This month Nakid has given me a list of our Steam game codes and holy Batman balls is he a hoarder! So in order to do some trimming, we will be giving away a code valued at $40!!! Fear not if you don’t take first prize, every entrant will win themselves a code valued at $10!

Go check out how to win HERE


Throughout July, because it’s Micromoo’s birthday and she says so, we will also be having weekly giveaways on Facebook, so head over and check out the first one on Monday 6th!


May’s PAX 3-day pass was won by L0N3Y, congratulations!

June’s Dino-tastic art competition was won by Farking and Tiffauges Congratulations guys!



If you have any suggestions or feedback please contact myself or another admin.

Stay sexy!


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