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uA Official Unreal Aussies Community Update – November 2018

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by sycoinc, Nov 14, 2018.

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    This month the Unreal Aussies Community is in the wake of our hyped weekend in Melbourne for PAX Australia 2018. There were a good 50+ of our community who attended PAX this past October and it was a great weekend of fun meetups, dinners and convention roaming where lots of online friendships turned into solid real friendships.


    Our World of Warcraft Division (WoW) run by Deeno has 2 committed raid groups with the Trailblazers Raid group at 2/8 Mythic Uldir with all members of this team having Ahead of the curve (AOTC) achievements and our Flex Raid Group having 6/8 Heroic Uldir. The Guild is also looking to get into PvP content so if anyone is eager please express interest as we are looking for new players all the time so please contact one of our friendly guild members in our #WoW chat on our discord which you can find the link at the end of this article!

    Over to our Overwatch Division we have had a growth in our regular competitive tournaments with both our teams uA Fusion and uA Skunkworks since the mid-year season. Both teams are in a tournament called Ascent which is run by Amateur Oceanic Esports (AOE) and both teams are performing well in their divisions and have grown as teams over the whole experience. Along with this we are still having our Overwatch In-house nights every Tuesday and have a solid 12-16 people in our custom games which consists of a streaming mode we call Camera Tag. What is Camera Tag you say? It is where we pick a person at the start of the match and spectate them, if they die, we change and spectate the person they got killed by, and when they die the same thing happens. It is quite fun and entertaining to see the whole enemy team sometimes hunt down a specific person to get the glory of having their view streamed on twitch.

    We also are still having regulars show up in out Heroes of the Storm Division (HotS) for our Monday Night Madness along with the 2 teams uA Eggplant and uA Raynor Here which are getting back into their competitive matches as new seasons are starting and new competitions verses other teams are starting back up. We have had growth and drop off all year with HotS but it is still going strong and new people are connecting to our community every week to join in.


    It’s time for an update and some news about our great community. We would like to proudly announce we have 3, yes 3 new Unreal Admins they are Aadraa, Claymore and MissMischief. This past year has seen all 3 of them step up into real leadership, and their hardcore dedication to working for the benefit of others has made them well known and loved throughout the community. Additionally, Sycoinc has stepped down to focus his skillset on other roles to provide the framework for a new structure within Unreal Aussies and enable the indefinite growth of our huge community!

    Please feel free to congratulate the new Unreal Admins in ‘#general’ on discord!


    You may be asking yourself ‘What is planned for Unreal Aussies next?’. Well we have quite a lot to look forward to and below are some of the highlights we would love to share with you.
    • We have recently started a Rocket League Division and team run by Giben who has joined us push this game further into the community as in the past we have had a quite active user base playing Rocket League
    • Battlefield V is coming mid-November and there have been several people expressing interest into this and similar games. Keep an eye out on our group voice channels for people playing this as it will be a start to push forward FPS games within Unreal Aussies
    • Fallout 76 has just release with high expectations by all. We will see how this hits the public view once the masses start playing and see how many of our fellow Unreal Aussies want to venture into the wastelands.

    Rounding out this update with a few thanks to everyone in the community who has helped push Unreal Aussies further than we have been before over games, streaming and public view. If this is your first time finding us, we have included a few links below to our socials and to our discord

    ** Newsletters will be sent out to your emails for those who have accepted being emailed by uA admins as of december 2018**
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