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Important uA Guild Information

Discussion in 'World of Warcraft' started by Jetleet, Aug 11, 2016.

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  1. Jetleet

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    Feb 15, 2016
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    Hi Guys,

    Coming into Legion the uA Officers and GMs have put our heads together and have restructured the Unreal Aussies WoW guild.
    This post will be updated as plans and ideas change but the main point is to provide the main changes/info moving forward.

    For the general uA Guild guidelines please check this post: https://unrealaussies.com/threads/general-wow-guidelines-for-ua.93/


    The ranking and details for the guild currently, the Unreal Officers are still the overseers of the community and can be contacted for any issues beyond the leadership of the guild.

    1 & 2 = Guild Master

    Runners of the guild
    3 = Officer
    Responsibility to provide support to the guild and organisation, second in command behind GMs
    4 = Officer/GM Alt

    5 = Guild Veteran

    Provides support to the guild with no responsibility, they are there to help without being required to.
    6 = Class Veteran
    Notable players of their class and specialization (E.g Fire mage, Marksman Hunter.) No responsibility other than helping others of the same class.
    7 = Core Raid
    Core raiders in both casual and hardcore.
    8 = Unreal Member
    Everyday member no responsibilities, these players have signed up on forums and use teamspeak, they have also been involved in the community in other games.
    9 = Member
    Standard guild member who has been in the guild for a period of time.
    10 = Trials
    New member

    Current Guild Masters:
    • Jetsmite (Alts: Jetstrike, Jetspanked)
    • Keldorn (Alts: Lucicily, Mistol)
    • Romsdruid (Alts: Terfax and all the toons with Roms in the name)
    • Promptitude (Alts: Destroyu, Gingeroughie and all the Rompi/Rompa named toons)
    • Sikladbambi (Alts: Dawgs, Sikdawg)

    Current Officers:
    • Aadraa (Alts: Azantha)
    • Zerofauks (Alts: Partygirl, Sandvag)
    • Saberreno (Alts: Saberiehawk)


    Casual / Hardcore will be split in legion, the following is how we will be raiding.

    Casual Raiding:
    We are still looking for a casual Raid leader
    • Raid channels to be used in Teamspeak
    • Raid times will be Wednesday, Friday 7.30 - 10.30pm AEST Server Time
    • Raiders are expected to be in raid and ready 10 minutes before Raid Starting
    • The Raid will be explained as you go through
    • There are no expectations for the raiders other than to be able to listen and want to have fun.
    • The loot rules will be set at raid times
    Heroic/Mythic Raiding:
    The 20 man mythic group will be organised during heroic dungeons, and a poll will be made to show your main class/spec to be used for raiding
    • Raid channels to be used in Teamspeak
    • Teamspeak is mandatory for Heroic/Mythic Raiding
    • Teamspeak name during raids must be Main Character Name.
    • Raid times will be Wednesday, Friday, Sunday (if required) 7.30 - 10.30pm AEST Server Time
    • Raiders are expected to be in raid and ready 10 minutes before Raid Starting
    • Raiders are expected to be fully enchanted/gemmed, with best in slot food, flask and pots
    • Pull Timers / Add Clearing set to pull 10 minutes after raid start (7.30)
    • Raiders must watch Boss guides and understand mechanic prior to raiding
    • Only minor explanations will be used during raiding.
    • During raids if we wipe rez asap, head back to boss, buff up and get ready to go. No standing around for 10 mins talking and chatting. If this happens you will be called up on it as during raid time we need focus on progressing. This way we can have fun on the WOW SUNDAY FUNDAY.
    • Appropriate Ilvl will be checked and required prior to being invited to raid. Minimum raiding ilvl to be announced on legion release.
    • New raid members may be required to complete at least one dungeon with an Officer / Guild Master or Core Raider before joining the raid group.

    Loot Distribution Rules (Heroic and Mythic Progression)
    Gear priority goes to people who have proven themselves and are trusted as a priority (all fairness will be used when distributing loot) Bind on Equip gear is classed by the same rules unless not needed by any raiders.
    1. 2 Top Tanks > 2 Top Healers > 2 Top DPS
    2. Highest improvement
    3. BIS
    4. Free roll for BIS
    5. Free roll for Vendor
    Raid Consequences (Mythic Progression group)
    These consequences are in place to provide responsibility and incentive to perform your best during progression for the better of the group as a whole. Being 10 or more minutes late, causing mechanical issues, failure to listen and continually making the same mistakes will incur the following. See the link at the beginning of the post for additional Raiding Rules.

    1st offence - Warning
    You will be pulled up on the issues privately to bring it to your attention.

    2nd offence - Gear Forfeit
    You will miss your first needed piece of loot, this will be passed to the next person who needs it.

    3rd offence - Guild Fine (gold)
    You will be required to put in a small amount of gold to the guild as a repayment for the problem caused.

    4th offence - Replacement Considered
    If you are unable to provide valid reasons why you are continually causing issues you will be considered for replacement. This is to ensure quick progression in mythic raiding for all the other raiders.

    These rules are applied on the Raid Leaders discretion. If the issue(s) are not your fault i.e mechanical issue(s) out of your control, then these will not apply.


    We are looking for a PvP leader to take over this part of the guild. If you are interested please approach the GMs.


    We are looking for someone to run the events co-ordination but have come up with the following events to be arranged.

    Guild Raffle
    • Each guildie is invited to participate in the weekly guild raffle
    • Entry is free
    • Tickets are 10 for 100g
    • Ticket limit is set at 200 (2000g)
    • Ticket money is mailed to the organiser, who then replies with your ticket numbers
    • Ongoing event starting every Monday morning and being announced Sunday evening
    • GM/Officer ranks are required to participate and promote the event
    • All proceeds fund prizes and the guild bank
    • Prizes are for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners

    Note: if winners do not want their prize, return it discreetly to the organiser

    The Running of the Gnomes
    • First Thursday evening of every month at 8pm will be the legendary Running of the Gnomes event
    • Entry fee is 1000g which will be traded to the organiser in Gnomeregan
    • Create and race a Level One Gnome from Gnomeregan to Goldshire, the first to arrive is the winner
    • All entrants required to be naked and wearing an Unreal Aussies tabard, buy the tabard beforehand and mail it to your new toon, along with their entry fee. Each toon is required to have UA at the start of their character name and will be invited to a raid led by and monitored by Officers
    • Speed boost pots, flasks and food, playing dirty and calling on Horde friends absolutely encouraged
    • First Prize is a crafted mount

    Selfie Competition
    • Second Thursday of every month is the Revenant inspired Selfie Competition
    • Find and snap a selfie in the 4 locations listed. Locations vary from waypoints to riddles received via mail
    • Entry is 100g that should be mailed to the organiser, who'll reply with your hints
    • Involving friends, looking crazy, being naked and posing is encouraged
    • Prizes are for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners who have submitted their screenies before Thursday of the following week. All entries will be posted to the forums

    Achievement Mayhem!
    • Ever needed that one last achievement before and could never find a group willing to help out? Look no further than your amazing guildies who will be running "Old School Raids/Dungeons/Scenarios" on the third Thursday of every month
    • Participation is encouraged
    • The dungeon/raid/scenario will be announced that week via the forums based on rotations of expansions
    • Transmogrification items can be reserved via the forums, once a dungeon/raid/scenario is announced and you have interest in a particular item. However, 1000g will be required for your item/s reserve and you must participate for the entire duration, leaving before its completion forfeits your reserve gold. Once the achievements have been completed and you received your item (or it didn't drop), your 1000g will be returned to you
    • Entry is free

    Thursday Free Day
    • The last Thursday of every month will be dedicated to doing stupidly fun things. Like riding camels from Stormwind to Tanaris at walking speed, or invading the unsuspecting citizens and peons of each of the Horde capitals
    • Entry is free and participation is encouraged

    Resource Farming events
    • There will be events randomly created to help with keeping the guild bank full of the things we need.
    • These will be advertised in advance

    Gearing & Daily Missions
    • There will be continuous groups running to gear up as quickly as possible for Raiding and PvP.
    • Everyone is encouraged to get involved and if a group isn't running, start one up.
    • World bosses and large scale daily's will be organised by Officer's or GM's.
    • This will be advertised in guild and attendance is encouraged and highly recommended.


    The Guild bank Tabs are setup as below

    1. Deposit Tab (deposit only all have access)
    2. Guild Tab (everyone in guild has access)
    3. Pots/Food Tab (limited withdrawals)
    4. Gear Tab (GMs and Officers Only)
    5. Raw Resources (food, pots, limited withdrawals)
    6. Raw Resources (other professions, limited withdrawals)
    7. Bambi's flip tab (Auctionable items to generate guild moneys)


    Legion is going to be huge for Unreal Aussies and we can't wait to get into it!!!

    Look forward to seeing you all there, much fun will be had :emoji_slight_smile:
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