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Book The Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by Nakid, Aug 22, 2016.

  1. Nakid

    Nakid Intrepidus Dux
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    Feb 14, 2016
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    After a friend recommending the series years ago and having watched the Legend of the Seeker, I started reading the Sword of Truth by Terry Goodkind in April. It has taken me almost 5 months to complete, but overall it was an enjoyable read. If you're a fan of high fantasy, you'll enjoy this.

    There are 11 books in the main series as well as 2 prequels.
    • The First Confessor
    • Debt of Bones (novella)
    1. Wizard's First Rule
    2. Stone of Tears
    3. Blood of the Fold
    4. Temple of the Winds
    5. Soul of the Fire
    6. Faith of the Fallen
    7. The Pillars of Creation
    8. Naked Empire
    9. Chainfire
    10. Phantom
    11. Confessor

    0. The First Confessor
    This prequel takes place 3000 years before Wizard's First Rule and sets the scene for the whole series. Very fast paced as it sets up most of the plot elements throughout the series. It wouldn't spoil the series for you if you read this first, but I enjoyed reading it after 4-5 of the main series as I understood a lot of the concepts.

    0.5. Debt of Bones
    I haven't read this one yet, I will soon!

    1. Wizard's First Rule
    The book introduces us to our main protagonists, Richard and Kahlan and starts out with a classical fantasy take on the "take out the big bad guy who is trying to rule the world". The book primarily follows Richard, who has grown up in a world without magic and learns more about it throughout the book which is great from a reader's perspective.

    One of the best high fantasy novels I've read. The novel is self-contained and you could safely just read this one if you didn't want to get into a gigantic saga.

    Plot Synopsis:
    In the aftermath of the brutal murder of his father, a mysterious woman, Kahlan Amnell, appears in Richard Cypher's forest sanctuary seeking help . . . and more.

    His world, his very beliefs, are shattered when ancient debts come due with thundering violence. In a dark age it takes courage to live, and more than mere courage to challenge those who hold dominion, Richard and Kahlan must take up that challenge or become the next victims. Beyond awaits a bewitching land where even the best of their hearts could betray them. Yet, Richard fears nothing so much as what secrets his sword might reveal about his own soul. Falling in love would destroy them--for reasons Richard can't imagine and Kahlan dare not say.

    In their darkest hour, hunted relentlessly, tormented by treachery and loss, Kahlan calls upon Richard to reach beyond his sword--to invoke within himself something more noble. Neither knows that the rules of battle have just changed . . . or that their time has run out.

    Stone of Tears and onwards
    The first 2-4 books are great, depending on your writing preferences, although Terry Goodkind slowly deteriorates in his writing style. There are great long monologues that sometimes go on for pages in the later books which deal with more philosophical ideals than progressing the storyline. Personally I don't mind them as they interest me, but you could safely skip these sections. The last half of each of the books is where most of the action takes place. The final trilogy in the series (Chainfire, Phantom and Confessor) were especially slow but I feel like Goodkind redeemed himself in Confessor.


    There are also 4 books in a follow up series called Richard and Kahlan, but I have not read those yet and will handle them in a separate review.

    The first 2 books (Wizard's First Rule and Stone of Tears) were also made into a TV show called Legend of the Seeker. It was cancelled after 2 seasons but was a decent show. They took a lot of liberties with the storyline but pulled a lot of the better elements from the rest of the series.

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  2. Maraurder

    Maraurder New Member

    Feb 25, 2016
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    Hey man, another awesome series if you're interested is "The Riyria Revelations" I would recommend it more highly then "The Sword of Truth" series having read both. I will admit it's slow to start off but by the end of the first book I was hooked and purchased the other two books online the same night to continue reading. I can honestly say I have never enjoyed a fantasy series so much and wish there had been more. If you have the time I suggest you check them out, if you're disappointed I'll take personal responsibility (drinks on me!)

    The following are the main books;
    1. Theft of Swords (contains The Crown Conspiracy and Avempartha)
    2. Rise of Empire (contains Nyphron Rising and The Emerald Storm)
    3. Heir of Novron (contains Wintertide and Percepliquis)
    However in chronological order there a 3 that proceed them (I haven't read these yet);
    1. The Crown Tower
    2. The Rose and the Thorn
    3. The Death of Dulgath
    4. Theft of Swords (contains The Crown Conspiracy and Avempartha)
    5. Rise of Empire (contains Nyphron Rising and The Emerald Storm)
    6. Heir of Novron (contains Wintertide and Percepliquis)

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