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Overwatch Q&A Panel Recap - BlizzCon 2016

Discussion in 'Overwatch' started by Blizzard News, Nov 23, 2016.

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    Nov 21, 2016
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    Overwatch Q&A Panel Recap - BlizzCon 2016

    Below is our recap of the Overwatch Q&A Panel.

    Quote from Blizzard

    • They'd love to do more PvE content like Junkenstein's Revenge in the future.
    • Competitive 1v1 and 3v3 could happen if the community wants to see it. For now though, just the Arcade.
    • It would be amazing if every hero got their own animated short. They're currently just doing them one at a time.
    • Mercy's story is something they're really interested in and although they aren't making announcements today, we can expect more in the future.
    • Lots of energy has been spent on 12:9 resolutions with regards to fairness of FoV and size. The current implementation is something they are happy with.
    • Roadhog's Hook is actively being reworked where they're trying to improve the feel of fairness of getting hit by it.
    • They haven't figured out how the make the leaver situation not bad in the majority of cases.
    • Leavers are"rare" and "not happening frequently" but they do need to still try and balance punishments when its abused.
    • They'd like to encourage players to go into team chat more instead of sitting in their personal party chat. Interface could be improved.
    • Being able to start parties with people that aren't your friend is something they'd like to do.
    • The report player system is still being looked at to give people different grades of punishment based on their bad behaviour.
    • Environmental changes like adding rain or snow to maps without it is something the team discusses a lot.
    • Quick play works the best when matchmaking filters aren't heavily influencing it.
    • One day they'd like to have a server browser to matches to hop into.
    • Diversity is very important to the team. With Overwatch taking place on Earth, they wanted it to be a game that drew upon history and nationalities of places on Earth.
    • Events are still something the team is looking at improving and doing more of. Community feedback is helpful in determining what to do for future events and what not to do.
    • A new story is coming out soon (not Blizzard soon) which will showcase more of the LGBT side of Overwatch.
    • More technology will be built to help tournaments.
    • No current plans for a solo-only queue. They don't like the idea of separating queues.
    • Jeff wants to remind everyone that the "Church" on Dorado is actually a Courthouse. He'd like his teammates to respond to his cries for help at the Courthouse to actually make their way over there.
    • The tournament at Blizzcon was running on 143 tickrate over the normal 62.5.

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