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May News

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Micromoo, May 3, 2016.

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    Feb 15, 2016
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    A very big welcome to our new members and our old farty ones!

    So far the first few months of the new site being active has been great! We are loving the posts, the feedback and suggestions, and we are so glad to meet all you beautiful uA noobs! Always feel free to post and please invite your friends!

    New Developments:

    Sync your forum account with TS and Steam! here

    Challenge someone to an in game (or out of game) duel! here

    Donate to keeping us running! here

    Visit our YouTube channel for video highlights! here

    Upcoming Events:

    June – Both VIC and QLD are having meetups for the viewing of the new Warcraft movie! Sign up on the forums or on Facebook (VIC Forums Facebook)

    Saturday 18th June our uA supporting beyondblue charity stream on Twitch. More details will be coming soon.


    May’s competition is when I am generous to a fault and give away a 3 day PAX pass! To enter and win, see the details here

    Lastly, each Sunday evening we have traditionally got together and had a bit of a muck around on a multiplayer game. The brave and honourable Sea Grunter has taken up the mantle of Sunday Funday lead and has run many successful nights so far. Due to his shift work, we need a volunteer to help run these nights. For more information please visit the forum here

    To vote and join in, please watch the forum and the Facebook page. We are a community so everyone is welcome and encouraged to come have a bit of fun. Meet some people outside your regular game divisions and make some new bromances!

    Until next month,

    Stay sexy!

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