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Helpful addons

Discussion in 'World of Warcraft' started by Bormolen, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. Bormolen

    Bormolen Member

    Feb 29, 2016
    Unreal Credits:
    creating a thread that anyone can feel that they can add any addons to that are helpful or generally worthwhile, no matter how small ( Like the Incognito addon for altoholics in guilds, so everyone knows who is that alt that's talking, especially with those RP names)

    Anyway, first up there's Opie, a popup ability wheel addon, that reveals upon holding down a keybind, whether it's from the mouse, or shift / alt modified binds, hold hover and release (optionally click required) that can keybind essentially anything in the game that is macroable; toys, mounts, pets, abilities, tradeskill windows, ect.

    unfortunately having a problem posting an image, so here's a link to the addon ( https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/opie ) and a mod highlight respectively.

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