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Community Costs

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Nakid, Apr 5, 2016.

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    Feb 14, 2016
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    This thread provides a detailed list of all the purchases made related to the website.

    Date Software Cost (AUD)
    12/2/16 XenForo $204.70
    13/2/16 Wordpress/XenForo Bridge $94.95
    15/2/16Xen Pushover Integration$31.92
    19/2/16Teamspeak Integration$51.04
    22/2/16XenPorta 2 Portal$58.17
    8/3/16AD Donation Manager$34.72
    14/3/16Medal-Trophy Integration$39.75
    5/4/16XenAtendo 2 - Events/Calendar$40.86
    8/4/16XenRio PRO - Streams$55.29
    26/4/16Advanced Application Forms for Xenforo$26.89
    12/8/16Post Ratings$35.08
    15/8/16DragonByte Credits/Shop$142
    10/10/16Server List$20.57
    11/10/16TaigaChat Pro$42.46
    17/10/16TaigaChat Essentialsd$13.64
    17/10/16Welcome Notice$6.81
    14/11/16Donation Manager and Security Suite$137.22

    Current Total: $1086.93

    This will be updated as more addons/themes are purchased.

    Server costings
    Date Software Cost (AUD)
    3/6/16TeamSpeak 3 License$251.23

    Want to help? You can donate here:
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