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uA Official Call for Staff

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Nakid, Dec 11, 2017.

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    Feb 14, 2016
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    We're looking for more staff to help grow uA. If you're interested, read on.....

    Nobody actually has to do anything to be in uA. There are people who we haven't seen in years, but if they want to pop in tomorrow and say "Hey fellow uA people!" then they can. Some people however, want to do more than nothing, in fact, they want to do more than just play games. They want to encourage MORE people to play, they want to create interesting and exciting events that draw attention, that make it special and better to play in uA than what a player would get if they just played on their own. These people are officer material. Officers have jobs, they make a plan, they make promises, and they try to keep them. If you don't want to make any promises, you don't have to, we'll see you online. But if you do, then now is the time we want you.

    If you want to be an officer for HotS, there is a specific discussion on that over here: https://unrealaussies.com/threads/new-officer-positions-open.1273/ for all other games, read on.....

    Which positions are we actively looking for?

    Overwatch (Division Lead: @FusSionzZ97 )
    • Recruitment Officer - Your role will be bringing people into the uA Overwatch division. This can either be internal (from other games using the @Overwatch tag) or externally recruiting people from in-game, forums, Facebook, etc. Success is judged by how often we see new faces appearing in Discord, and through the log.
    • Friendship Officer - Your role is to retain people in the division. Hang out in the Overwatch channels, invite people to games and be friendly to newcomers. Success is judged by how regularly and consistently people hang out in the game channels.

    Playerunknown's Battlegrounds
    • Division Leader - As the div lead of PUBG, you will be pushing both yourself and your team to expand the division in the Oceanic region. This role is only for the seriously committed, there is no half-assing this position. You will be doing a bit of everything as well as delegation - recruitment, friendship, advertising events, organising events, running events, etc. You will most likely start as an Officer and work your way up to this by showing us you want it - not by asking for it. Success is judged by the below 3 points, if you are responsible for one or if you delegated responsibility, or if you cooperate with the other officers in your own individual responsibilities.
    • Recruitment Officer - Your role will be bringing people into the uA PUBG division. This can either be internal (from other games using the @PUBG tag) or externally recruiting people from in-game, forums, Facebook, etc. Success is judged by how often we see new faces appearing in Discord, and through the log.
    • Friendship Officer - Your role is to retain people in the division. Hang out in the PUBG channels, invite people to games and be friendly to newcomers. Success is judged by how regularly and consistently people hang out in the game channels.
    • Events Officer - Organise, advertise and run events within the game. This can be done any way you want. We are currently looking into custom servers (though this may become public soon anyway!). Get people along and get them having fun. Success is judged by the level of community involvement, create your own event that is popular, or cater to the wishes of your members, either way is fine.
    Social Gaming (Division Lead: @SeaGrunter )
    • Event Officer - Organise, advertise and run social gaming nights. This can be done any way you want. You need to organise the game in advance and keep prompting people to buy and install it. Free games work best. Work with the Div Lead to work games into a schedule. Get people along and get them having fun. Success is hard to judge in this role because of how unique it is, but we will discuss this with you over time.
    • Get creative, come up with your own idea. Read the rest of this thread to help you plan your speech and get the help you need.
    • You don't actually have to talk to us first. If you start doing some stuff on your own and we notice, we will find you and we will offer you officer powers and cookies.
    • Want to run an event? Say a Cho-Gall themed QM 5-stack, or maybe a whole team of stealths to try wreck face? Just post up on the forum, attract members on Discord. Get it happening and we will notice. Only request, avoid clashes. For example, it's better to book a HotS event on any day other than Monday, it will be easier for you to accomplish, and also, it means members have 2 things that they can do, instead of being forced to choose only one.
    • Programmers. If you have skills, then we have work.
    • Artists. If you can work photoshop, that's great. If you can make custom After Effects sequences, that's even better. Want to produce an original uA theme music? Please let us know about this!!!

    Concerning Streaming: Copyright is real. We are not prepared to one day have our Twitch or YouTube channel shut down because of copyright infringement. Don't break the law on our behalf. If you are unsure of copyright and how it works, there's a plethora of videos on YouTube about it. We want streamers, but we do not want to deal with more mess.

    Concerning Ethics: In some degree, small or large, all officers represent uA. When our reputation, an argument/fight between members, or legalities come into question, the Admins vote on it and you want to be on the side of the vote, not against it. It's as simple as that. If you witness somebody having some rage in-game, that's no biggie, lots of us do it sometimes. But if somebody carries this outside the game, anger, hatred, rage, bitterness... This stuff doesn't belong in a friendly community. Once the rage-inducing game is over, there should be an apology and some love, failing that, avoid each other. If you witness somebody harassing another, and it's gone beyond the point of the game, then interfere, speak up, get a recording if you can, and bring it to the Admins. You are an officer now, you have the right to cut this shit down before it gets overgrown. You may also have noticed we have a higher-than-usual proportion of females here in uA, if you see somebody targeting females just because they are female, we want to know about it immediately. Nothing can happen if we don't know about it.

    Exit Clause: Basically, if you don't do the job you will lose your role eventually. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. Some officers work hard and do well for ages, then they start a new job and tell us that they can't keep it up and suggest some replacements. This is respected and valued, we will not forget an officer that did a good job, and some roles like "retired officer" still have power and are long-term. If you make promises and never deliver, or you make things harder for us with no tangible results, we will also remember this, and the next time you want to get involved, we will choose somebody else above you.

    If you want in, then be prepared. Here is the short version:
    1. Have an idea.
    2. Know what part of this idea you will contribute.
    3. Know what part of this idea you need somebody else to contribute.
    4. If you do not have a part in it, then we will talk to the people who do instead.
    5. Tell us when you have had enough. Eventually, if you are inactive, your privileges will be removed. Tell us it's coming before we notice and have to ask you why you stopped without warning.

    Here is the long version:

    In the end it's all about effort and what you bring to the table. As of right now, we are extremely interested in hearing what you think you can do for Unreal Aussies. Here's some things that you should be able to tell us:
    1. What you plan on doing from the get go. Pretend I'm some random who plays your game and I'm asking right now, "hey, what sort of interesting things do you guys do in this game?". Have an answer for this. Make that answer something special/different/better than what every single person who plays the game does.
    2. Goals. For example, run a monthly tournament, enter into (insert name here) tournament, stream once a week and reach 100 viewers, get 1000 clicks a month in traffic to the website. Have a goal that you can write down, with a time-frame, and make it one that you can look at after that time frame and say if it was reached or not.
    3. Support. Know what you need to accomplish what you want to do. Do you need a partner? Do you have somebody in mind? Do you need somebody to send you replays? Do you need channels on Discord? Do you need promotion on social media?

    These things are a MUST:
    1. It has to be something you love and enjoy. You shouldn't do something you don't really really want to do. Being an officer takes work and you don't get paid. If you don't like it, you wont have fun and you will eventually give up.
    2. Be realistic. Don't say you want to run an event bigger than Blizzcon, each month, and do it all on your own. We will just think you're delusional.
    3. Admit failures. We all know life gets in the way, it's nothing to hide or cry about. If you promised you'd do something each week that takes 10 hours, and a month later realise you can only do it every 2 weeks or even once a month, please just tell us. We will be happy that you've got things worked out more accurately, and that you are still willing to contribute something that you now know is more achievable. Don't let it come to the point where @Agamemnus has to have an awkward conversation with you about "why are you an officer again?". He doesn't like these conversations and gets upset before they even start, so you'll be on the defence from the get go. Come to us first, before we notice something is wrong and come to you. If you come to us first, then we are in the loop, we don't need to speculate, and most importantly, we can talk about how to move forward. There doesn't have to be any hard feelings, just put your hand up and say hey, we need to talk.

    These things are a definite NO-NO:
    1. Don't tell us ideas about what you wish would happen, if you aren't going to make it so. Some admins have more patience for this than others, but all of us realise after a while if nothing is actually happening.
    2. Don't bring your ego. This is to make uA big. If you do things for a game and we want more, we will invite more officers in. If you feel that this will detract from your efforts, then admit it and ask the other officer what you can do to help THEM. We are in this together, if you think for one second that we will not let other officers have a go if they convince us they can make things bigger, then you are drastically mistaken. They deserve a shot just like you did, so make the most of it and work together, or separately if you have to, but don't think we will be OK with limiting how much can happen in your game.
    3. Don't say things that can be paraphrased as "you admins should do more work". If you are applying for an officer job, then you are supposed to be telling US what YOU are going to do. This is personally a pet hate of @Agamemnus so if you plan on doing this, make sure it's with a different admin. He has 100 ideas that he'd love to try but doesn't have time for, are you sure you want to give him another one? He's already busy, do you really want to tell him that he should do more? Think about exactly what it is you are asking, and what it is you are offering. If we can put in 1 hour of work a week which will enable you to do 10 hours of your thing that is amazing and cool and fun or whatever, then we will do it, or we will find somebody else who can. But if you are asking us to put in one hour of work just to make your play-time more fun for you, then we are most likely going to say "I'd rather spend an hour eating ice-cream".

    Here is the basic hierarchy of Unreal Aussies:
    1. Admins
    2. Div Leaders
    3. Officers, Server Managers & Media Officers
    4. Streamers & Team Captains
    5. Retired Officers
    The above list is pretty basic and general. The reality is that things are based on action, not labels. Consider the following:
    • If a Brawlhalla team captain wants to enter a comp, and a HotS Div Leader doesn't think they should, it's not relevant, since the Div Leader is not involved and is not automatically the boss of all officers.
    • If you got labelled Div Leader or Officer for a game that has no players in Discord and has never had an event, then it is just a label without any real value. It only carries value if you are doing something.
    • Some Officers put in a lot of effort and act responsibly for a time, then eventually they step-down from a role because they've had enough or life has changed. If we're impressed with their track record we make them a Retired Officer, and they get first dibs on any new project.
    • A player who is not an officer, and has made no promises to us, but constantly recruits new people, makes videos and enters tournaments, we value their efforts more than an Officer who does nothing.
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    Do you guys have a skills matrix for general members who are willing to offer some of their time/skillset?
    I'm happy to help where I can, I have some moderate Photoshop skills, moderate photographer, work in IT security, and absolutely love overwatch ;)

    Having 2 young kids means I wouldn't be able to handle an officer tier commitment, but I'd really like to help anyway I can.
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    Super boxing glove LIKE!

    Very well said.
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    Feb 17, 2016
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    Of course. There are many general members who contribute their efforts without making a time-heavy commitment. Photoshop you say? Next time we need an image worked up, we'll see where you're at.

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