Welcome to Unreal Aussies!

We are a community of like minded gamers in the Oceanic region.

We play a wide variety of games and provide a fun, social atmosphere for all our members!

Welcome to Heroes of The Storm.

Here at Unreal Aussies (an Oceana based guild community), we are a relaxed group of humans looking for a good time, some laughs and the odd Mega-kill.

We invite all those players tired of the same ol' same ol' formula of existing MOBAs, and willing to embrace the Blizzard Brawler vision, to join us as we pick on the squishies, capture the objectives, and monster the core.

We are currently developing a schedule of nights/events that will take our game to new levels. This will include in-house punch-ups, Hero-League focussed sessions, and hopefully putting together some dedicated teams.

With a developing roster, we are always looking for new players, so bring your friends.

Please sign-up to our spiffy Forums, so we can share videos, theory-craft, and talk codshit.

As for rules: Be a nice person, and use push-to-talk so when I Zombie wall you into your death I cant hear your curses. (Botting, spamming and trolling are also disallowed)

Join us on Teamspeak

And look for @Pointy or @Nakid to guide you through the Nexus.

May your Murky egg never be found, and you Az-modunks epic.
Hey All!

Join us for Sunday Funday where we all take a break from our respective games and play something random for kicks and giggles. Keep an eye up on the forum to fun out what we will be up to.

Now that this site is developing more and more people are signing up, we will be sticking to a schedule. Every Friday a new poll for games will be released and the old one will be closed with a decision being made on the game for the weekend. There will also be guest hosting (as I'm a shift worker) from time to time.

- SeaGrunter